World Painting Company – Offering Residential & Commercial Painting, Drywall Repair, Deck & Patio work and More!

A well-executed paint job can breathe new life into your home or business, inviting guests or clients in with smooth colors and a professional finish that’s sure to garner compliments. When shopping for painting companies look no further than World Painting, your painting company for the best results and professional service. We take pride in our residential and commercial painting and strive to deliver an attractive finish to every room we work in. We are certified as a lead safe firm by the EPA, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a enjoy membership in several local business organizations in the Illinois area including multiple Chambers of Commerce.

Painting Solutions – For Both Residential & Commercial Painting Projects

We offer affordable painting solutions for commercial painting and drywall repair jobs, including multiple family home painting, student apartment refreshers and industrial space painting. A fresh coat of paint can raise the “visual value” of your rental and office properties, which is why hiring a painting company like World Painting is such an important consideration in your renovation plans. A lackluster paint job by untrained professionals will start to show unsightly mistakes like streaks or drips immediately, and will end up costing you even more money to have it cleaned up and redone. Make the smart choice for your business or rental properties from the start: Choose World Painting for all of your renovation and painting needs.

What to look for in a Painting Company

Shopping for painting companies when it comes time to paint your home can be nerve wracking and confusing. When you pick a company at random, can you be sure that they’re accredited and won’t leave a huge mess behind? Opt for a sure thing instead: World Painting employs professionals who respect your needs and the cleanliness of your home. Our painting pros want you to be happy with your freshly painted walls, and understand that leaving behind tarps, dirt and debris after the job is not the route to a happy customer. In addition, our office staff will respond to your painting and drywall repair inquiries quickly and efficiently, allowing you to move on to other important renovation projects without worry.